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Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th December, 10am – Overview of Fastrak Data

  • How Fastrak combines data from different sources (platforms, back office, spreadsheet imports, manual entries)
  • How Fastrak decides when to merge client records and account records
  • How Fastrak chooses the 'winner' when getting the same information from more than one place
  • How to diagnose and correct common problems with data

Wednesday 10th January, 10am – Overview of the Client Portal

  • Custom Style
    - investigating the available choices
  • Portal Options
    - working through the different options, applying changes & viewing Portal
    - the flexibility of setting the Portal up without Investments to act as secure communication tool
  • Key Documents
    - simple explanation of functionality
  • Client Logins
    - functionality of Username / Email / Master option
    - ability to add multiple clients at once
    - ability to preview what the client will see both with & without Master option
  • Client Advisers
    - importance of this area
  • Portal Emails
    - what the client will receive initially, other Portal related emails
    - ability to change these messages and create your own templates
  • Portal Email Reminders
    - explanation of functionality

Wednesday 24th January, 10am – Fastrak Performance Valuation Reporting

  • How to start a report
    - From the Reports tab & Client Dashboard
  • The differences between an Asset Statement & Performance Valuation Report
    - Examples of both will be run
  • Step4 – looking at the various settings & options

Wednesday 7th February, 10am – Fastrak Overview

  • Home Dashboard
    - Fastlinks
    - Widgets – basic functionality, preferences & options
  • Finding Your Clients
    - Search Box
    - Client Dashboard – searching, sorting & filtering
  • Client Dashboard
    - reviewing client data
    - adding Risk Appetite
    - Policies Widget – general overview / adding Risk Profile & Model Portfolio (if applicable)
  • Running Basic Reports
    - Asset Statement
    - Performance Valuation
  • Reports Tab
    - searching, sorting & filtering
  • Support
    - how to raise tickets
    - finding previous tickets